Flight of Four: $8.00 | 8 oz: $5.00 | 16 oz: $8.00 | 22 oz: $11.00

Blue Tiger | Munich Helles | ABV: 5.1%

A gold-colored German lager with a smooth, malty flavor and a soft, dry finish. Subtle spicy, floral, or herbal hops and restrained bitterness help keep the balance malty but not sweet, which helps make this beer a refreshing, everyday drink

Disco Yeti | Cream Ale | ABV: 5.9%

A clean, well-attenuated, highly carbonated, flavorful American “lawnmower” beer. Easily drinkable, smooth, and refreshing, with more character than typical American lagers, yet still subtle and restrained

Light Beers

Zahmboni | Mexican Lager | ABV: 4.3%

A highly-attenuated pale lager without strong flavors, typically well-balanced and highly carbonated. Served cold, it is refreshing and thirst-quenching

Folie A Deux | Belgian Golden Strong | ABV: 7.1%

A very pale, highly attenuated, strong Belgian ale that is more fruity and hoppy than spicy. Complex and delicate, the dry finish, light body, and high carbonation accentuate the yeast and hop character. Sparkling carbonation and effervescent, forming a rocky white head

Hoppy Beers

Wort De Ferk | SMASH | ABV: 5.5%

A beer designed to highlight different varieties of malt, hops and yeast. We will be featuring different ingredients to help guests understand the different flavors and aromas that different ingredients bring to a beer

LTP1 | Hazy IPA | ABV: 7.1%

An American IPA with intense fruit flavors and aromas, a soft body, smooth mouthfeel, and often opaque with substantial haze. Less perceived bitterness than traditional IPAs but always massively hop-forward

Short Hop | American Pale Ale | ABV: 5.9%

An average-strength, hop-forward, pale American craft beer with sufficient supporting malt to make the beer balanced and drinkable. The clean hop presence can reflect classic or modern American or New World hop varieties with a wide range of characteristics.

JOK3R | Double IPA | ABV: 7.3%

An intensely hoppy, fairly strong, bitter pale ale without the big, rich, complex maltiness, residual sweetness, and body of an American Barleywine. Strongly hopped, but clean, dry, and lacking harshness. Despite showing its strength, drinkability is an important consideration.

Dark Beers

Bandit King | Munich Dunkel | ABV: 5.5%

A traditional malty brown lager from Bavaria. Deeply toasted, bready malt flavors without any roasty or burnt flavors. Smooth and rich, with a restrained bitterness and a relatively dry finish that allows for drinking in quantity.

Skateful Red | Irish Red Ale | ABV: 4.6%

An easy-drinking pint, often with subtle flavors. Slightly malty in the balance, sometimes with an initial soft toffee or caramel sweetness, a slightly grainy-biscuity palate, and a touch of roasted dryness in the finish. Some versions can emphasize the caramel and sweetness more, while others will favor the grainy palate and roasted dryness.

Side Hustle | American Porter | ABV: 5.6%

A malty, bitter, and often somewhat hoppy dark beer with a balanced, roasted, and frequently chocolatey character.

Something Different

Brain Wash | Gose (Sour) | ABV: 5.0%

A tart, lightly-bittered historical central European wheat beer with a distinctive but restrained salt and coriander character. Very refreshing, with a dry finish, high carbonation, and bright flavors

Alcorhythm | Hard Seltzer | ABV: 5.2%

A refreshing hard seltzer with a light taste of black cherry


Rotating Tap

Crooked River Reunion | German Lager | ABV: 5.0%

Brewed for Cleveland Beer Week to celebrate the legacy of Crooked River Brewery. Brewers at Pompatus, Collision Bend and Rocky River Brewing Companies all used to brew at Crooked River at some point in time. It’s a great way to celebrate the past, present and future of craft brewing in Northeast Ohio. This German Lager is inspired by Crooked River’s Black Forest Lager. Light and refreshing.

Giant Soft Pretzle | $15

16 in. soft pretzel brushed with butter and Served with beer cheese and mustard